Restoration services

At Hollenberg & Co we also offer a wide range of restoration services if your not looking for new furniture and love what you already have.  We can customize and existing table or any other piece in your home or office.  Give us a call today or setup a free no obligation appointment to get started.


Table restorations

We can strip your existing table down with our top of the line workshop and tools located in our Crystal Lake location.  Pickup and delivery options are available.


Commercial restorations

Whether your looking to have a few tables restored or an entire restaurant.  We can handle the entire process from picking up existing tables and replacing with temporary tables so there is no down time.  In a few weeks time we will deliver the restored tables and your ready to keep on serving.


staining & painting restorations

We can pickup your existing table and restore it to its original state.  You can also choose a new stain or paint option for your items.  We can also build a new solid wood top and keep the old base.  The options are endless.  

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